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It shouldn't surprise anyone to learn that I haven't been able to work on Scruffy -- the Ruby-based SVG graphing engine -- in a very long time. And yet, it seems like people continue to download and use it more and more. Since my need for a graphing library is nonexistent for the foreseeable future, I don't think I'm the best person to continue working on Scruffy at this point. Software is best written by those who need it.

I do not intend on handing Scruffy to any random person, but if anyone out there thinks they can make a case for themselves you're welcome to contact me. In general, I'm keeping an eye out for someone who has been using Scruffy professionally for some time and has ideally already made significant code changes to Scruffy for their projects.

I'd also like to find someone who has a similar vision for Scruffy as I do. I never intended for Scruffy to be simply a Gruff replacement. Gruff is good enough for what it does. Today, most Scruffy usage involves rasterizing the SVG graph to an image. At the time this was a necessary evil, but I think we're rapidly approaching a time when Scruffy could serve straight SVG. This is, I believe, the ultimate goal for Scruffy and opens a bunch of new possibilities ( layout and theming via CSS, dynamic graph updates via JavaScript, etc ).

I'll be maintaining control of Scruffy for the foreseeable future as I'm not currently aware of anyone I'd trust to take it. But I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks they may be that developer.

2 Responses to “Available: Mildly successful open-source project.”

  1. I’d love to play an active part in Scruffy’s development. I use the library for some major projects, and have been researching how other libraries do things to add some more mature features. I’ve got plenty of ideas on how to improve Scruffy.

    I actually emailed you about this but I think my message might have got marked as spam or something.

    Anyway, let me know!

    Alex Young

  2. I’m also interested in maintaining this great little package.

    Unfortunately, I’ve only just begun using it, so I don’t have any track-record on commits or patches. I will be doing non-stop graphs for at least the next 6 months, though, so that’s gotta be good.

    I like the sound of Javascript updates to SVG graphs! Sounds awesome.

    David Parry